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Librarians’ Book Express offers you an opportunity to examine new books before making a commitment to purchase. Upon request, we will ship to your library a selection of new titles from some of the leading publishers of curriculum corelated non-fiction. These books are yours to examine for 14 days at no cost and no obligation. These are the best and newest titles from the most respected educational publishers, so of course, we do hope you will decide to add some of them to your collection. After 14 days we will call you to take your order and to make all return arrangements (at our expense) for any that you don’t select. It’s that simple!

We are now pleased to be able to offer ePreviews along with your book preview. If you choose, you can get 60 days of complete access to the eBook versions of the books contained in your preview. Most ePreviews also contain Rosen’s brand new Interactive eBooks which contain videos and other additional media. Most importantly, these interactive books feature content creation tools that guide students through processes that allow them to create their own content suitable for sharing with teachers, fellow students and parents. This is a revolutionary new feature set that makes the use of the next generation of eBooks an even more rewarding educational experience.

Contact us to request a review selection, or get answers to any questions you may have.

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If you already have a box and wish to place an order, there are 3 options:

*After an intial test marketing cycle of each seasons new titles, our selections include only those titles that your colleagues have chosen as the best of the best—literally choosing them by purchasing them from their selections. Only the best-selling titles from all those we offer are included in our “ALL STAR” collections.

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