About Us

Sadly, after nearly 20 years in business, Librarians’ Book Express and Librarians’ Choice has had to close their doors due to COVID related reasons. However, in an effort to still service our customers’ needs, I, Jamicka Mason, former Director of both LBE and LC, am offering an alternative solution. I have collaborated with Rosen Publishing to offer our customers a new opportunity to see the newest titles from the respected educational publishers you know and love.

I am now pleased to offer a 30 day ePreview of all our latest titles. 30 days to share with your teachers and students, get their input, and only choose books that fit your collection. Strictly designed to be hassle-free, there’s no more worrying about returning unwanted books. This is also a great way to view our eBooks on our ePointPlus platform.

Contact us to request an ePreview, or to get answers to any questions you may have. Don’t forget to ask about our new specials.

Tel: 551-200-6222

If you still have a preview box from one of our divisions (which also includes American Library Preview) and wish to place an order, here are the best options:

  • Call me at 551-200-6222 * BEST METHOD *
  • You may also email me at jamickam@rosenpub.com and I will promptly call you back
  • You can print and complete the applicable order form under the grade level headers to the right and email it to me at jamickam@rosenpub.com

*After an initial test marketing cycle of each seasons new titles, our selections include only those titles that your colleagues have chosen as the best of the best-literally choosing them by purchasing them for their selections.